Wednesday, May 24, 2017

With Charlie's room being complete, time for a new project, and right now we spend 90% of our evenings outside, except for dinner + bath. Springtime in Iowa is seriously, the best, well except for falls, those can not be beat around here, that's why we're still here, we live for fall. With that aside I know the summers get pretty dang warm here and the humidity feels like it might kill, but evenings are usually better. So now that I'm getting to my point, we are building a playhouse for our girl! Oh and planting our garden.

I'm sharing a little inspiration for this project! And wish me luck I'm going to try to keep it under $400 TOTAL, we have some scrap lumber left from our old deck we torn down & a few pieces that were extra from our new cedar deck + fence. Our plan it to paint it all white, since we're using scrap pieces of wood! Here's some drawings I put together of the outside, I'll have to take some photos of my husband building it, and after we get it complete. I think everything looks better painted white so we'll see! We have the smallest backyard, since our house is on a corner lot we have a fairly big front and side yard, and our "backyard" it only about 15' wide. So we are going to tuck this little playhouse right next to our house.

Wish us luck! This might end up being a couple weekends, but happy memorial day weekend!

Charlie's Big Girl Room Reveal.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Details over at: Destination Nursery


Friends, I'm so excited to share charlie's room reveal with you! You can head over to Destination Nursery to see the full room + details on where to find the products! But I had to share some photos of her clearly enjoying her room, or at least shes a HUGE fan of climbing over the bed rails, haha!
This room was a so much fun to put together. Little did I know how quickly they grow the first year and half and that we would be transitioning into toddlerhood so quickly. I felt like her room needed a little fun and sophistication from her nursery!

For now I don't have any tips for transitioning to a bed because well we haven't done it! The side rail from the bed came broke so we had to send it back for a new bed so for now we're still in the crib, and I'm a-okay with that! When she's ready we will get the new replacement bed back out! So maybe it's a good thing her bed broke in the process of shipping? haha, we'll go with that!

For the full room reveal check out  Destination Nursery

Summer & Swim Must haves

Friday, April 21, 2017

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

So, swimsuit season is upon us, and while I may not be prepared for that I'm absolutely looking forward to it for charlie, I mean leg roles, and mini bums in swimwear, gah I die! While there are SO many cute swimsuits out there, my recent is Kortni Jeane, but with her growing so fast I try to find some inexpensive swimsuits. Check out targets Cat & Jack collection, or Old Navy's swimsuits that are cute & 30% off right now.

I love all these find for pool, beach, splash pad, vacation must haves! If you have't picked up a pair of mini melissa's its worth it, Charlie LOVES these shoes, she picks them over everything else, they are the softest jellies. That H&M bag is only $5.99, it's a must have. and I love the idea of a towel cover up, this way when she gets in the car after being wet, her carseat wont be completely sogged out. Good pool that we will pack is sippy cup, snacks, toys, towel, SPF sunblock, hair clips.

These are just some of my favorite things for summer, and right now we can't get enough hair clip to get the bangs out of her eyes. These H&M ones are so cute, if you need hair clips check them out.

Sunshine and Springtime!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

We anxiously awaited spring for WEEKS, and finally it came! It just snuck up on us so quickly! I love this season because everything is blooming, and we spend most our evenings outdoor, eating, playing, painting, planting! I just wanted to share a little photo of last year and one from this year. Our neighbors magnolia tree bloomed, and we had to recreate last years photo, well as best we could! My sweet charlie girl, is 22 lbs heavier, which made it hard for mike to lift her up, but he managed, he's such a good sport. 

Here's last years photo 4 months old! 

This year! 16 months old, a lots of sass, fun, and she is quite adventurous!

And I might add we are up to our usual 47 projects, but seriously, we are working out outside and if you haven't checked out my outdoors board on pinterest, follow along, because I have goals of my outside looking like that!

Toddler Approved Snack

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Today I'm sharing toddler approved snacks. I have a picky eater, if she could she would eat the same 10 things everyday so every once in awhile I like to switch things up!

I'm sharing a "toddler trail mix" for on the go! When we're running errands and I need her to stay in the cart, this toddler trail mix is perfect for it. I like to switch this mix up but this week I did a combo of light salted popcorn, fruit loops (ps I prefer Aldi's cereals they have natural coloring), whole wheat goldfish crackers, Add raisins to this for a fun combination! I like to make this in a big back however if I handed her that bag she would dump it all over in about 10 seconds, so these cute Ubbi Tweat Snack containers are so cute & they store her trail mix! Phew, a lot less mess + easy for on the go.

Snacks at home! She loves fruit, and honestly I can't say as a blame her! I cut up from fruit and added them to a rainbow, with some yummy greek yogurt as "clouds". I added a little agave to the greek yogurt to sweeten it a bit. This snack was a hit with her!

Summer Days

Monday, February 27, 2017

We can practically taste spring and summer over here! We had a whoooppping 72 degrees last weekend, here in Iowa. I know, I know, hard to believe. So this girl put on her swimsuit, I briber her with a sucker and we hit the outside! The entire weekend outside!

With spring and summer on their way, I'm over here purchasing swimwear & jelly sandals like crazy! This adorable swimsuit is from Crew & Lu's new spring 2017 line, you need it, the details are so perfect! And you guys have to check out Pippa & Indy bows, I'm obsessed!

I'll share a round up all my favorite toddler swimsuits!

Toddler Transition

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Guys! Today it hit me, that suddenly I have a VERY busy toddler!
With that we are starting to make a few small transitions, I do mean small! We gave her a pillow and blanket, she still is very confused with what to do with a pillow, and she has shown a HUGE interest in these cups so she is NOT a fan of the 360 cups, but these OXO cups have a slow flow that allow her to drink like a regular cup, when the tip the water pour out, just like a regular cup!

Also we are starting on her big girl toddler room! I'm pinning some fun things over here, and we've got our eye on some CUTE dog wallpaper choices here & here. You can see a cute sample of it in the background of the bottom photo to the left!

P.s. head over and snag that heart foot stool from Oh Joy for Target for $47 + 10% off!